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Ammunition Disposal & Chemical Weapons Destruction

We’re helping make the Earth a better place.

Our plants can be used to destroy chemical weapons and conventional ammunition. Over several decades, we’ve constructed many plants all over the world and established ourselves as an internationally leading specialist in this area.

Ammunition disposal

Conventional ammunition

For the safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective destruction of conventional ammunition, Eisenmann has developed and applied to patent the moving bed reactor. In combination with a flue gas purification plant adapted to the ammunition and its components, this system is maximally eco-friendly and safe.

Thermal disposal of rocket fuel and landmines

Eisenmann’s rotary kiln is used for the proper, safe and environmentally compatible treatment of rocket propellants. In conjunction with a disarmament project, Eisenmann developed a disposal complex with rotary kilns for the disposal of intercontinental rocket fuel and a shared flue gas purification plant.

Operator models

In addition to development, construction and maintenance, Eisenmann also offers customized operator models for weapons disposal. Our qualified personnel are able to operate disposal plants for both conventional ammunition and chemical weapons.

Destruction of chemical weapons

For the safe disposal of large quantities of stored chemical weapons, Eisenmann has developed fully automated plants with proven components. This includes hightech equipment for process control and safe handling before the disposal process. As chemical weapons are detoxified, reaction products are generated which can then be safely disposed of. For the eco-friendly incineration of liquid and gaseous residues after hydrolysis, Eisenmann offers the Turaktor, a ceramic-lined high-turbulence combustion chamber.

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