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Water Purification & Waste Water Treatment

Customized process water purification and waste water treatment for sustainable production.

Inorganic impurities

To remove heavy metals, fluorides and phosphates from industrial waste water or flue gas cleaning plants, Eisenmann has been using the classic chemical-physical process of precipitation, followed by flocculation, sedimentation and gravel filtration. For all industrial waste water that is contaminated with toxic and inorganic substances such as cyanide, chromate, arsenic and nitrite, Eisenmann offers the appropriate waste water decontamination process.

Organic impurities

To oxidize toxic or difficult to break down organic components from the chemical industry, Eisenmann relies on the Fentox process. Bio-degradable waste water is either fermented anaerobically or purified in industrial treatment plants. Eisenmann also offers all conventional processes for separating oil-water mixtures and removing oily or greasy components.

Water management systems

Due to sometimes very strict legal regulations and in response increasing water shortages, our customers are compelled to better manage water as a resource and to minimize the pollutants they release into the environment. Eisenmann offers the best solution for each case. Our detailed knowledge of our customers’ manufacturing processes helps us to close material life cycles using appropriate recycling methods. For sites where waste water cannot be discharged, Eisenmann also collaborates with customers to develop waste-water-free concepts (ZLD).

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